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Lesson Overview

There are 15-16 lessons in the first basic course. Time approximate is one year, one month.(the average time allowed)
Lesson One:Basic Wicca Theory
Lesson Two: Wicca Theory-Part 2
Lesson Three: Gods & Goddesses-Who are they?
Lesson Four: Holidays: What do we celebrate?
Lesson Five: Magick-Basic Theory on practicing Magick
Lesson Six: Alter Set Up: Tools of the trade
Lesson Seven: Herbs, Oils & Incense
Lesson Eight: Divination Practices
Lesson Nine: Correspondences
These are a sample of the titles of the lessons. Each lesson has sub-topics that enrich each lesson. With supplemental reading material.



Our School Offering

What We Offer

Modern Witchcraft School introduces the student to the theory and practice of Wicca, Paganism and Witchcraft. Easy to follow lessons that are geared for the lay person. All material is supplied. No additional cost to the student. Each unit of study comes complete with material, extra resources and questions. You are able to see the progress you are making by the handy web pages created just for you.

How We Feel About Your Path Education

Our course is offered in two (2) ways: online and postal.

As an extra bonus, each new student enrolling in our school receives a "Practioner's Starter's Kit "

Kit includes:
3 1.5 ML Sampler Intent Oil Vials
5 Herb Sample Packets

If you are thinking about expanding your education
you will be satisfied with your learning experience.
To see an example of the personalized information pages follow the example links to each. Each student will receive a total of four (4) individual pages to show your progress.
Another area that we are proud to mention is that every student is treated with personal service, no auto responses to your questions but personal emails & telephone communications by our staff and instructors.
Many have asked as to how we can offer our course at such a low price. The answer is relatively simple. Our main reason is we do not feel that the cost should be the focal point for the potential student. We offer a "no frills" course, which we mean there are no intense graphics, pop up ads or anything else that will deter the student from the content presented. All the student will see is the content that they are seeking to expand their spiritual education. In this manner, we are able to focus on the student and lesson content
If you wish to ask questions, email us at: Ask Question Here


Web Update

Introductory Special:

Internet students ONLY
The complete 1 year course for $10.50 Your total for 1 year $10.50
For more information go to Introductory Special This special price is for those paying using Paypal and taking the course online.

Postal Students Special Enrollment of $75.00 plus a one time 8.50 shipping charge for your first module book. This is the charge for 1 year. For more information, visit the Specials page. A copy of the Module 1 Book is available for preview at: Pricing Of Services

Membership Levels: There are 3 Lifetime Membership levels. Levels are: Gold, Silver and Bronze. For more information go to: Memberships Joining these programs will save money, and gain access to more services available.

Scholarship Program: Program is closed

Mystic Witch: While you are surfing the net, be sure to visit our daughter site. Great articles for the Occult minded person. Please visit: Mystic Witch
For those that would like to write articles, news reviews or anything that is relating to the craft, please contact Email Here for further details and interest. We will be looking for those interested people that would like to become involved in a great new Wiccan/Pagan Community. No experience is needed!
Another great site that you might like to visit and that is The Simple Witch Blog at

The Simple Witch: Simply Witchy

And don't forget our own school blog located at: Modern Witchcraft School Blog

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